Tehran (IP) – The Me'raj-504 suicide drone and the Me'raj-113 training drone are two latest achievements of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iran PressIran News: In March 2022, the IRGC Ground Force put one of its suicide drones called Me’raj-504 on public display in Tehran.

Me’raj-504 suicide UAV

This new UAV can carry a 2.5 kg explosive payload up to a range of 100 km and uses a piston engine for propulsion.

Me’raj-504 is an upgrade of the IRGC’s former Me’raj 214 UAV, which was also used to target the enemy’s air defense systems.

The new model has greatly decreased the design and manufacturing cost of this line of drones, which the IRGC’s Ground Force now operates.

During the drone drills, the IRGC showcased a drone-launcher truck carrying 5 Shahed-136 UAVs; probably, considering the dimensions and shape of the Me’raj-504, this drone will be used in these launchers. Detailed information about Me’raj-504 has not been released yet, but according to the information released about the Shahed-136, it can be guessed that Me’raj-504 will have similar specifications to this drone.

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Specifications of Shahed-136 suicide UAV, similar to Me’raj-504

Length: 3.5 meters

Wingspan: 2.5 meters

Range: 1800 to 2500 km

Weight: About 200 kg

Speed: + 185 km/h

Engine: MD 550 or W3

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Me’raj-113 training UAV

On July 7, 2021, a ceremony was held to hand over new equipment to the IRGC Ground Force, during which several new weapons, including Fath ballistic missiles, Qaem-114 missiles, and ground-based Almas missiles, were added to the IRGC Ground Force’s combat organization; but one of the equipment that was unveiled in this ceremony and received less attention from the media was the Me’raj-113 UAV. In the ceremony, next to the Meraj-504 UAV, a new and inexpensive training drone named Me’raj-113 was seen, which was developed by the IRGC Ground Force to train pilots and crews of the UAV unit.

Me’raj-113 is designed with maximum simplicity in the structure, fuselage and tail to achieve the lowest time and cost of construction and production in only 4 months. This is the first drone designed and built, especially for the training of drone pilots.

Me’raj-113 UAV has an operating range of 150 km with 3 hours of continuous flight and can fly up to 18,000 feet, and its cruise speed is 120 km/h. It can take off with a maximum weight of 50 kg and can carry 30 kg cargo.

In addition to studying the training requirements of UAV units, the design of Me’raj-113 was also inspired by the design of Mohajer-6, Ababil-3 and Mohajer-2 UAVs.

In the design of Me’raj-113, it has been tried to design all the electro-avionic parts and even parts of its fuselage in a modular way so that in case of an incident during training, time and maintenance costs can be saved.


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