Researchers in an Iranian Knowledge enterprise, working in the digital technology field, has developed software that can scan, design, and edit three-dimensional models of the human face.

Iran PressIran News: Mehdi Pourkaraman, the project manager of the team and the development manager of the Knowledge enterprise said, "The primitive and mechanical instruments used for designing and implementing human limb remedial services, particularly in the face part, had caused broad dissatisfaction by many of the patients. We decided to produce an intelligent system capable of making 3D designs, and showing it to the clients before the remedial surgery, with high precision, and free from human errors."

"This software initially prepares a scan of the client’s face in the virtual space, then identifies that three-dimensional face in the real atmosphere and matches it with other limbs of the client-patient with high precision and displays the result before the surgery for the patient to gain his/her approval of it," he told IRNA.

The researcher stated that this Iranian software has no foreign sample and is quite an original initiation.

Pourkaraman said that the surgeon can by relying on the assistance of this software and its different designing and precise measurement features produce the best possible design for each patient’s rectified face, and then the software will automatically produce the 3D design, that is printed using 3D printers, and finally, it is used by the surgeon or the remedial team.

He said that the software’s capability is not restricted to designing face, and for instance, an injured eyebrow, or any other body limb can be scanned and made by it as the doctors’ demand and the programmer’s required orders.

The project manager said that the process is referred to as micro-building.