Khartoum (IP) - Sudan is still facing anti-military demonstrations in Khartoum and other cities after the military coup.

Iran PressAfrica: After the military coup in Sudan (October 2021), the protesting people, especially the youth, pour the streets of the capital Khartoum and other cities almost every week.

The people of Sudan are against the presence of the military in power, and their demonstration's main goal is to remove the military government and make the government legal, legitimate and approved by the people.

Despite the violent treatment of the Sudanese military against the demonstrators in different regions of Sudan, people have emphasized that they would continue demonstrations until the removal of the military government.

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Bashir Ahmed, a young protester, said in an interview with Iran Press' reporter in Khartoum: "We will never give in to the military government of Sudan and we will not negotiate with this government, because this is the slogan of the revolution."

He emphasized that there would be no partnership or negotiation with the military government of Sudan unless the army returned to the barracks and recognized the formation of the civil and people's government.

Addressing the Sudanese military, Bashir Ahmed stated that those who killed demonstrators in Sudan should be tried.

The Sudanese military is dealing harshly with the demonstrators; in the latest attack on the peaceful demonstrations in Khartoum, about 10 people have died and hundreds of people been injured in different areas.

Ahmed Mansour, another protesting Sudanese citizen, told the Iran Press' reporter in Khartoum that the future of Sudan depends on the peaceful transfer of power and not on authoritarianism and oppression, and that the youth play a key role in this change.


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