Syrian Electricity Minister said that his country wants to cooperate with Iran for building power plant in Lattakia governorate.

Iran Press/ Middle East: Speaking to SANA reporter upon his arrival in Tehran on Friday, Syrian Electricity Minister Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli said that he will discuss with the Iranian officials during his current visit to Iran the implementation of cooperation projects in the electricity field, including a contract with the Iranian MBNA corporation to establish a power plant in Lattakia.

Syrian Electricity Minister said that the power plant project in Lattakia is important and strategic for the electrical system in Syria in general, especially the coastal region, pointing out that the power station in Baniyas is feeding the region with 60 percent of the demand for electricity.

The plant will be built with a capacity of 540 MW worth SYP 213 billion and is expected to be ready within three years, the minister said.

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Meanwhile, in Jun.19, Iran's First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said that his country will stand by the Syrian nation as it helped the country during the war against terrorist groups.

In Jul. 01, speaking on Russia's  NTV channel on Sunday, President Assad said: “They [the West] won’t be part of reconstruction in Syria, because very simply we won’t allow them to be part of it… we don’t need the West. The West is not honest at all, they don’t give, they only take”.

The conflict in Syria has caused billions in damage to the country, but President Assad said he is determined to rebuild without a single penny from the “dishonest” West. 

The US and its' Western allies have been actively engaged in the seven-year long war in Syria, including the illegal stationing of troops in the country and backing anti-government terrorists and militants such as Daesh, al-Nusra Front, and the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

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