Navy commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said on Monday that the IRGC Naval Force keeps monitoring the region all the time because Iran has the longest coastline along the Persian Gulf.

Iran PressIran news: Rear-Admiral Alireza Tangsiri made the remark when asked by the Iran Press correspondent at a presser on International Day of Seafarer which is marked on June 25 each year.

He said that the IRGC Naval Force keeps carrying out its monitoring mission in the Persian Gulf, also because Iran has key islands in that region.

Tangsiri referred to the IRGC’s confiscation of two Greek ships on May 30 in response to Athens’ move to impound an Iranian-flagged vessel by the United States’ order, saying the two Greek ships were seized in a short span of time despite the fact that they were in two different locations.

The IRGC commander stressed that the Iranian nation will never bow to bullying.

Following the seizure of the two Greek ships, Athens released the Iranian vessel earlier in June, with a supreme court in central Greece ordering the return of an oil cargo on board the ship and confiscated by the US to Iran.


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