Representatives of the EU member states approved the law on reducing and eliminating carbon pollutants by 2032 at today's meeting.

Iran PressEurope: The new regulation requires various industries operating in EU member states to commit to reducing and eliminating gas pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions by 2032.

According to this law, carbon dioxide-emitting industries have the opportunity to upgrade their equipment until 2032 due to global warming.

A month ago, European lawmakers passed a law reforming carbon markets, which has been repealed under a new law. The details and completion of the current law are left to future sessions of the European Parliament.

Portuguese Environment Minister Joao Pedro Matos, the current president of the European Union, described European climate law as the mother of European law and a framework for legislation in member states over the next three decades.

In December 2019, the European Union ratified the Green Pact with the aim of turning the 27 member states into the world's first carbon-free zone. 219