PIJ official:

Gaza (IP) - A member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement called the US President's visit to the region and occupied Palestine an ominous and conspiratorial trip.

Iran PressMiddle East: US President Joe Biden is scheduled to pay a visit to occupied Palestine on July 13-16.

Speaking to IranPress in Gaza, PIJ leader Mohammed Shalah said that the Palestinian people do not welcome US President Joe Biden's visit to the region and the occupied Palestinian territories. The leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad noted that the US government is the main supporter of the Zionist regime, and they are both sides of the same coin.

Stating that the crimes of the Zionist regime are being carried out with the support of the United States, Mohammed Shalah called Joe Biden's trip to the region a conspiracy against the Axis of Resistance.

Stating that the US President's visit to the region is ominous, he said that Biden would prepare conspiracies against the Palestinians, the Palestinian cause, and the Islamic Ummah, especially against the Arab countries. Shalah also stated that the US President's visit to occupied Palestine would fail due to the collapse of the Zionist regime's cabinet and snap elections.

The visit takes place at a time when the Zionist cabinet is facing a political crisis, and the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people have intensified.


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