Tehran (IP)- The government Economic Coordination Headquarters spokesman said: "Controlling inflation is still one of our priorities and economic and executive bodies are doing it."

Iran PressIran news: Seyed Ehsan Khandouzi, who also serves as the Minister of Economy, said in a press conference on Tuesday for the first time as the spokesman for the government Economic Coordination Headquarters "It took time for the government to reform the economy, drafts needed to be sent to parliament, and the infrastructure needed to be prepared so that reform could begin more quickly."

He added: "We have seriously sought to help the production and investment sector and improve the business environment."

A spokesman for the government's economic headquarters stated: "The government is determined to overcome the vulnerable and fragile economy in the face of external pressures, so that people's livelihoods are no longer affected by fluctuations, and producers cross production barriers."

He continued: "There were problems in the first months, but now the price of oil sold is received after 90 days. There were also frozen assets that were not released due to sanctions, but these barriers have been somewhat removed."

"Although production and exports are good, we need more success to achieve the annual budget goals, and we hope that all commitments will be fulfilled by the end of the year, given the elimination of the preferred currency," Khandouzi said.


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