Doha (IP) - In a meeting with Iranian businessmen in Qatar, Iran's Energy Minister emphasized the effective role of merchants in increasing the volume of Iran-Qatar transactions and said that the two countries would support private sector activities.

Iran PressMiddle East: In the Iran-Qatar 8th Commission of Joint Economic Cooperation that is to be held on June 7 in Doha, the cooperation will be discussed in terms of 5 committees, namely 'Economic, Trade, and Industrial Committee,' 'Banking and Financial Committee,' 'Transport and IT Committee,' 'Scientific, Health, Cultural, Sports, and Tourism Committee, and 'Water and Energy Committee.

Ali Akbar Mehrabian, who traveled to Doha to attend the eighth meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between Iran and Qatar last night in a meeting with Iranian businessmen in Doha, said: "The private sector has the potential and a very effective role in increasing the volume of transactions and exchanges. It can also affect the economic relations between the two countries."

Emphasizing the development of Iran's relations with its neighbors, especially the positive political relations between Iran and Qatar, he added: "The most important goal of Iran, with this level of cooperation between the two countries, is to support the Iranian private sector in developing economic relations with Qatar."

The Minister of Energy and the Chairman of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation of the two countries reminded: "Certainly, in the eighth summit, one of the agreements will be to support the Iranian and Qatari private sectors to develop cooperation."


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