Hans Grundberg. Photo by OSESGY/Abdel Rahman Alzorgan

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen announces an agreement to renew the truce in Yemen for two months.

Iran PressMiddle East: Hans Grundberg announced that the parties to the conflict have agreed to the United Nations' proposal to renew the current truce in Yemen for two additional months. The ceasefire extension comes into effect when the current truce period expires today, 2 June 2022, at 19:00 Yemen time. The truce is extended under the same terms as the original agreement, which first came into effect on 2 April 2022. 

In a statement, Grundberg stressed the importance of building on the agreement to restore trust between the warring parties and resume a political process to end the conflict.

He hopes such a relatively long ceasefire would provide an opportunity to develop full peace talks and to start to address some of the underlying economic problems prolonging the conflict.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni defense minister Major General Mohammad al-Atifi in the National Salvation Government says the Saudi-led military coalition is taking advantage of the ongoing UN-brokered ceasefire in order to mobilize allied militants in line with its hostile plots.


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