Geneva (IP) - Iran's Minister of Health says the US unilateral banking and financial sanctions led to the increase of casualties in the global health area.

Iran PressEurope: Bahram Einollahi, Iran's Minister of Health entered Geneva, Swiss, to take part in the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly on Sunday, May 22. 2022

Delivering a speech at the forum, Einollahi said the economic wars could more heavily harm the health and sanity of the societies. 

He noted: "COVID-19 Pandemic showed how vulnerable are the health systems in global emergencies; the pandemics and its subsequent challenges are not only a threat to health, but also a threat to peace and security."

He criticized the inequality in distributing vaccines among the world nations and called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to facilitate equal access to the vaccines and their domestic production for the counties. 

The Iranian health minister reminded the attendees of the US pressures on Iran amid the corona pandemic that exacerbated the conditions to fight against the virus, and that despite the suppressive measures of the US, the Iranian experts managed to produce vaccines and made them available in an equitable way.  


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