Tehran (IP) – Russian Deputy Prime Minister says there are many needs in the Russian market that could be met by Iranian goods, is made possible by reducing import restrictions on Russia and establishing relations based on the two countries' currencies.

Iran PressIran News: Attending the joint meeting of Iran and Russia on Wednesday at the Iranian Oil Ministry, Alexander Novak stated that today, many unfriendly countries are pressuring  Russia, which increases the need to enhance cooperation between the two countries, and that is why a large delegation from Russia consisting of government departments, governors, businessmen, economic activists, production representatives came to Iran to deepen the relationship.

Noting that today's meeting between Iran and Russia has a crucial role in the relations between the two countries, the Russian deputy prime minister stated: "Last year, there was a good opportunity to increase trade between Iran and Russia, so that the volume of exchanges increased by 81% and reached $ 4 billion in the first half of this year."

Iran and Russia have many opportunities for cooperation in various fields, including energy.

The two countries have held several rounds of talks, and Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji also headed a delegation to Moscow in late December last year, and several important documents were signed for developing oil and gas fields, oil refineries and technology transfer.


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