Tehran (IP)- Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs met with South Africa’s International Relations Deputy Minister here in Tehran on Monday, holding consultations.

Iran PressIran news: Ms. Candith Kwati Mashego-Dlamini is in Tehran at the head of a delegation to attend the 10th meeting of the Iran-South Africa political consultative committee of the foreign ministries of the two countries.

In the meeting, Ali Bagheri underlined that the Iran-South African cooperation should not be limited to providing short-term needs of the two nations. He said the prospects of cooperation between Iran and South Africa must be extra-national and long-term.

Bagheri noted that the diversification of cooperation, along with the expansion of ties, needs to be put on the agenda of bilateral relations.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister for political affairs said achieving peace and international stability under the shadow of poverty, discrimination, and injustice in the international community is merely a mirage.

Bagheri noted that the role-playing of Iran and South Africa does not pose any threat to other independent nations because cooperation between the two countries is based on policies of the two nations that are meant to create stability and provide security while seeking justice in the international community.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister then referred to the political, economic, and strategic possibilities of Iran and South Africa that create heavy regional and international responsibilities for the two countries. Bagheri said the expansion of cooperation between Iran and South Africa is a must in order to counter unilateralism and promote multilateralism.

He then referred to the persistence of the South African people’s successful resistance against oppression, gross rights violation, and apartheid in the eyes of the world public opinion and independent countries and also to the fact that the South African people serve as a source of inspiration in this regard.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister then said those who violate the Iranian people’s rights by imposing and supporting unilateral and illegal sanctions are the very powers that breached the rights of the South Africans by way of supporting the Apartheid regime.

Bagheri noted that whereas the diversity and extent of human rights abuses against Iran and South Africa by Westerners are unparalleled in the world, Tehran and Pretoria can be the global flag bearers of defending human rights against Western claimants.

In the meeting, Candith Kwati Mashego-Dlamini referred to the Covid pandemic that has worsened inequalities in the world over the past 2 years and said it is necessary to further accelerate the expansion of existing ties and enter new realms of economic, political, and international cooperation between Iran and South Africa.

She underlined South Africa’s support for Iran’s accession to BRICS in the group’s 2023 summit. Ms. Dlamini said, “We will make an effort o help Iran establish better economic ties and trade exchanges with African countries through South Africa.”

She also announced the holding of the 15th session of the joint economic commission of Iran and South Africa in Pretoria in the fall of this year. Dlamini called for the continuation of consultations between Tehran and Pretoria on important developments in Africa and on regional and international events.