Three people were killed in an Israeli attack in southern Damascus, which was launched from the Golan Heights, the Syrian Defense Ministry said.

Iran PressMiddle East: Syrian media said that Syria's air defense systems have been activated and intercepted the "hostile targets" in the capital's skies. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the targets of the attack were Syrian army bases and militias in a suburb of Damascus.

Two flights were postponed as a result of the strikes at the airport. Echoes of explosions were also heard in the coastal area of ​​Syria in the area of ​​the city of Tartus.

In the ​​southwest Damascus area, there have been a number of attacks in recent months that were attributed to Israel. For example, last week, two Israeli strikes allegedly targeted sites near the Syrian border.

The strike targeted Qurs al-Nafl in Quneitra in the southwest part of the country near the border with Israel. Last month, four Syrian soldiers were killed in another Israeli airstrike on Damascus.

The areas that were targeted by Israeli airstrikes on Friday were identified with the pro-Iranian militias operating in Syria, according to Ynet. Other Arab reports state that the attack was reportedly aimed at weapons depots owned by Hezbollah.