Baghdad (IP) – Turkish fighter jets on Monday once again targeted the northern Iraqi province of Dohuk in the Kurdistan region.

Iran PressAsia: The Turkish army on Monday afternoon bombarded villages in the Amadiya or Amedi County in Dohuk Province in northern Iraq under the pretext of fighting the PKK elements, according to Al-Mayadeen.

The fresh air raids come after the Saturday night's attacks in which the Turkish fighter jets and helicopters targeted areas in Amedi.

The recent air raids in Duhok are part of the Turkish so-called "Claw-Lock" operation in continuation of other operations that Turkey has conducted in northern Iraq.

The Turkish army has been attacking northern Iraq for more than two years under the pretext of fighting PKK.

Since the Iraqi government's protest to Turkey over attacks on Iraqi territory without Baghdad coordination (three weeks ago), the Turkish Air Force has targeted more than ten villages in various parts of northern Iraq in Dohuk Province.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has warned Turkey that Iraq would use all available resources to respond to the breach of its sovereignty, urging Turkey to withdraw its forces from the north; the Iraqi Foreign Ministry has pointed out that Ankara's claim of coordination with Baghdad over their military operations is entirely untrue.


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