Russia (IP) - The new round of negotiations to finalize the draft of Iran's free trade with the Eurasia zone and present the list of goods to be exchanged.

Iran PressEurope: Iran-Eurasia negotiation was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Moscow with the negotiations mostly focusing on the finalization of the free trade agreement, in the presence of 5 member states of the Eurasian Union. 

According to the trade agreement, the tariffs of about 80 percent of the goods from both sides are supposed to gradually reach zero and that of the remaining 20 percent will remain unchanged. 

Currently, the text of the agreement has been finalized to a large extent yet there are few cases left that need further consideration by both parties. The negotiations will continue so that the text is signed before 2022. 

The Trade Development Organization of Iran has begun the second half of 2020 to convert the preferential trade agreement into a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union.

Since the negotiations kicked off four rounds of talks have been held in person between the two sides and more than 15 rounds of talks have been held through video conference.