Tehran (IP) - The Iranian wrestling team won four gold medals in the 2022 Asian Championships Mongolia.

Iran Press/Asia: The Asian Wrestling Championships started yesterday (Tuesday) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and will end today (Wednesday) with the introduction of the top individuals and teams.

Mehdi Bali won the fourth gold medal of the Iranian national team in the 97 kg final of the 2022 Asian Wrestling Championship, defeating the representative of Uzbekistan.

Previously, Mohammad-Reza Mokhtari and Rasoul Garmsiri won gold in the weights of 72 and 97 kg.

Mehdi Mohsennejad won a silver medal in the 60 kg weight category, and Shahin Bodaghi also stood in fifth place in the 67 kg weight category.

At the end of the first five weight competitions, Nasser Alizadeh won the gold medal in the 87 kg weight category, and Iman Mohammadi and Aref Habibollahi won the bronze medal in the 77 kg weight category.

Ali Nourbakhsh and Amir Ghasemi, wrestlers in 55 and 130 kg weights, were also eliminated from the competition.


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