Tehran (IP) - Three years have passed since the official launch of the Iran Press (IP) News Agency as the first video news agency in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Iran Press is the first and only Iranian video news agency specializing in the video on demand, providing our customers with real-time visual news from Iran, the Middle East, and the wider world, broadcast on Eutelsat on a 24-hour basis.

Iran Press publishes its content on satellite channels, web, and social networks, focusing on videos/photos, and has now signed contracts with several well-known and prestigious news agencies and media in the world, and provides the images of Iran and the region and parts of the world for the international media.

One of the significant advantages of the Iran Press News Agency is the use of online reporters to supply and produce the required images from all over the country, the region, and the world, and in this process, it currently receives pictures and news from more than 70 reporters in and around the world.

Our customers can receive high-definition (HD) clean feed news footage and a full range of Iran Press products by subscribing to our premier 'Direct Iran Press Service'. 

IP is a news agency affiliated with the IRIB, headed by Dr. Peyman Jebli.

Dr. Jebli, who is also the founder of the news agency, made extensive changes after he became the head of IRIB. With its few but hard-working reporters and journalists, IP has a bright and comprising future ahead.


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