Tehran(IP): The First Secretary of the Tajik Embassy in Iran announced his country's readiness to cooperate with Iranian companies, especially in health tourism.

Iran PressIran news: Marufjon Abdurahmonov," the first secretary of the Tajik Embassy in Iran, on Wednesday at a symposium and exchange of views between the Iran Chamber Tourism Commission and the Iranian Embassy in Tehran, while referring to the good relations and interests of the two countries and deep ties between the two nations, stressed the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in all areas of the economy, trade, and tourism, and said: "Increasing interactions and communication will also lead to the development of trade."

Marufjon Abdurahmonov said that Iran and Tajikistan had signed about 180 cooperation documents so far, adding that what is needed is a more ruthless pursuit to implement programs and projects.

The first secretary of the Tajik embassy in Iran stated: "In 2020, the trade volume between the two countries was $ 57 million, and this figure increased to $ 121 million in 2021, following efforts made in this regard.

The first secretary of the Tajik embassy in Iran added: "In Tajikistan, there is a favorable environment for investment and cooperation of Iranian companies in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, tourism, building materials, and other industries, and considering Tajikistan's facilities for rail transportation and collaboration with neighboring countries the ground has been paved for export to countries in the region. 


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