"Thanks to the destruction of Yemen by Saudi, UAE, and Qatar, US Hunt Oil, France's oil giant Total, and Austrian company OMV have been robbing oil and gas from Yemen," Mick Wallace Member of the European Parliament said.

Iran PressEurope: "They are stealing the gas and oil while the people are starving - Why does the International Community stay silent about this crime against Humanity...?" Wallace asks.

"Yemen may not technically be a gulf state but I think it is necessary to bring it into the debate because you talk about instability in the region and you can expect instability in the region while this terrible war continues," he said.

"A recent UN report said is the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. the number of dead is approaching 400,000 and over 15 million have been driven into extreme poverty, the role of Saudi, UAE, and Qatar has been horrific," the EU parliament member noted.

"They have engaged in war crimes endlessly for seven years now. And Yet the EU is so silent about it. I don't understand how you can turn a blind eye to the genocide that's taking place in Yemen," he highlighted. "Now at least for the past 6 years, we've had US Hunt Oil, France's Oil giant Total and Austrian company OMV, They have been funneling oil and gas out of the country, paying no tax to the Yemeni state while the central government doesn't have any full control of the territory," the EU politician added.

"Do you know how much oil and gas has been stolen by the French and Australian companies under cover of the war?" he asked.


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