(IP): At the third meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in Tunxi, China, the Iranian Foreign Minister called for establishing an intra-regional mechanism in parallel with the formation of an inclusive national government in Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: The meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbors, attended by the foreign ministers and officials of Iran, Pakistan, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Qatar, began on Wednesday in the Chinese city of Tunxi and ended Thursday.

 According to Iran Press Agency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said on Thursday at the meeting that the root of Afghanistan's problems can be attributed to the long occupation of this country and the wrong policies of the occupiers and the United States.

Amir- Abdollahian added that the prolonged occupation of Afghanistan not only did not help its development but also created a kind of dependence that caused the political and economic structures to collapse with the retreat of the occupiers and the oppressed people of Afghanistan to be the biggest losers and victims of this situation. 

The Iranian Foreign Minister stated that the threat of terrorism and its spread in Afghanistan is severe. The US traces can be seen in it, adding that today the US is not talking about participating in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. At the same time, it has occupied this country for 20 years, and it did not help the people.

Amir- Abdollahian suggested that a specific security mechanism be established in the form of existing organizations or with an independent entity to coordinate the counter-terrorism policy of Afghanistan's neighboring countries to facilitate and manage the collective actions of governments and the exchange of information in this regard.

The Iranian Foreign Minister also said that establishing a monetary fund to support the people of Afghanistan in parallel with forming an inclusive national government is a necessity; We expect the Governing Body to take further practical steps in this direction.

The complete statement of the Iranian Foreign Minister is as follows: 

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Your Excellency Mr. Wang Yi, the Honourable State Councillor and Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China 

Honorable Ministers of Foreign Affairs

I am pleased to thank the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for presenting the excellent initiative of holding the Afghanistan neighbors' conference, the third round convened today. I also need to sincerely appreciate the hospitality of the People's Republic of China as the host of this meeting in the beautiful city of Tun Xi.

Distinguished colleagues

We are facing various challenges today in Afghanistan as well as hopes. Hope for the termination of a war that engaged multiple generations in the past forty years and inflicted high costs on Afghanistan's human and material resources.

Hope for the Afghans' interest in establishing peace and tranquillity, seriously opposing conflict, and searching for diplomatic solutions.

Hope for regional convergence, especially between neighbors, in helping Afghanistan.

I hope for the world community not to forget the problems and hardships of the people of Afghanistan. 

Still, there is fear of the activities of various terrorist groups such as Daesh inside Afghanistan.

Still, there is fear of conflict emanating from the intervention of occupiers against the oppressed people of this land.

Still, the financial resources of Afghanistan have not been transferred to the people of Afghanistan while its national wealth remains frozen. Afghanistan's economy is not moving, and the majority of the people are in hardship and pain.

Still, the central political promise of forming an inclusive government with the participation of all Afghans and tribes has not been fulfilled. 

The long-term experience of interaction between the countries of the region and Afghanistan's people and political groups indicates that social delicacies and specificities are undeniable necessities in the political sphere of that country, the overlooking of which has been the most significant factor behind the emergence of conflict and the main impediment to the survival of Afghanistan's political establishment and structures. Today the necessity of forming an inclusive government with the practical and continued presence and participation of all Afghan tribal groups is an unavoidable reality. We expect the ruling establishment takes more practical measures in this respect.

Distinguished colleagues

The root cause of problems in Afghanistan is the long-term occupation and misguided policies of the occupiers and mainly the United States. Afghanistan's long-term occupation did not contribute to its development. Still, it caused some dependency, resulting in the collapse of Afghanistan's political and economic structures when the occupiers withdrew and, like always, left the oppressed people of Afghanistan as losers and victims. Regrettably, it should be mentioned that such a non-constructive approach is continuing.

The first and most important outcome of this approach has been the continuation of the difficult humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. The United Nations reports indicate that more than half of the people of Afghanistan, including women and children require assistance while incapable of obtaining their basic needs. Therefore, at the moment, it is necessary for all the countries and particularly neighboring countries, to assist the people of Afghanistan in any way without highlighting political and legal issues. In this respect, the Islamic Republic of Iran, during the past several months, has distributed more than thirty consignments of humanitarian aid among the people of Afghanistan. Furthermore, my country has continued exporting essential commodities to Afghanistan and has kept its transit routes open to Afghanistan's containers. Additionally, the Islamic Republic of Iran hosts hundreds of thousands of homeless Afghan people. It has announced its readiness to cooperate with other interested countries to assist Afghanistan.

Second, as I mentioned earlier, freezing the financial assets of the people of Afghanistan has further complicated the humanitarian situation by exacerbating conditions and plundering resources. All countries must act to release Afghanistan's assets in any manner that could help the humanitarian crisis.

Iran, China support independence, national unity of Afghan people: Amir-Abdollahian

The third issue is the recruitment by terrorist and radical groups. The expansion of Daesh terrorist activities in Afghanistan has left no room for doubt that we require collective measures by the region's countries to combat terrorism. I propose that we create a specific security mechanism within the current structures or an independent entity to coordinate counter-terrorism policies by Afghanistan's neighbors to facilitate and manage the collective measures and exchange of information.

Fourth is the wave of refugees who are seeking to exit Afghanistan. The Islamic Republic of Iran faced a new wave of human displacement months before the collapse of the Afghan government. This has been intensified in recent months and has reached 850 thousand. Based on estimates, we are hosting about five million Afghan refugees in Iran, inflicting high costs on our country's economy.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been hosting Afghan sisters and brothers for the past four decades like a good neighbor and has spared no effort in improving the conditions of Afghan people in Iran or Afghanistan; however, difficult conditions imposed on Iran's economy as the result of oppressive sanctions have made it very hard and almost impossible to allocate new resources for refugees. Therefore, it is necessary that respective international organizations and countries interested in helping the people of Afghanistan pay extra attention to the unique living conditions of Afghan refugees in Iran.  

Dear Friends

To achieve a safe, secure, and stable Afghanistan, the world community, particularly us as Afghanistan's neighbors, must enhance cooperation and expand assistance to the people of Afghanistan and make efforts to strengthen political dialogue in Afghan society so that the ruling establishment and various social and political groups reach a better understanding and proximity and facilitate more interaction.

Afghanistan's neighbors' united message and robust action could help Afghanistan exit the status quo and play an essential and constructive role in drawing a regional security system.   

Honorable Ministers

We should all join hands to prevent Afghanistan from turning into a battleground for political and military conflicts. Undoubtedly, the people of Afghanistan and neighboring countries will be the first victims of the destructive outcomes of such a situation.

Afghanistan's neighbors and friendly countries must develop relevant mechanisms to strengthen cooperation in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

Having a secure, stable, and developed Afghanistan is our wish for every one of our Afghan sisters and brothers and the region's people.

Once again, I would like to sincerely appreciate the valuable hospitality of the government of China and the leadership of my dear colleague, His Excellency Mr. Wang Yi.


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