Vienna (IP) – The Secretary-General of Drug Control Headquarters of Iran called for the international community to pay serious attention to the challenges in the field of narcotics.

Iran PressEurope: Eskandar Momeni delivered a lecture at the annual meeting of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) commission.

The meeting was held on Monday at the European Headquarters of the UN in Vienna.

Momeni stated that since last year, critical and new events had taken place in the world, especially in the West Asian region, which has affected the counter-narcotics field and needs serious attention from the international community.

According to Iran Press' correspondent in Vienna, Momeni noted that the presence of trans-regional powers, the relationship between drugs and terrorism, and the irresponsibility of some countries are significant challenges in the growth of drugs in the West Asian region the world.

In another part of his lecture, he presented the following proposals to the meeting:

- The need for the full support of the United Nations and the international community to the front lines of the fight against narcotics

- The need for cooperation between countries of origin and producers of precursors to combat the diversion and illegal use of these substances

- The need to combat illicit drug financing currents

- The need for serious attention to livelihood and sustainable development in Afghanistan. 


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