Russia has warned the US that the International Space Station could crash if sanctions against the country’s space sector aren’t lifted.

Iran PressAmerica: Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin published a map showing where the ISS flies over, implying Russia would be at a lower risk of any damage if it were to fall out of orbit.

His remarks came as the US said it still has control over the station.

Roscosmos tweeted on Friday that Rogozin has sent a letter to the US, Canadian and European space agencies over keeping the ISS running.

On Telegram, Rogozin said the Russian systems in its part of the ISS give “duplication” of the life support to the American side – including for oxygen.

“The price of international space cooperation maniacally destroyed by the West. Crazy,” he said.

According to the Daily Mail report, he added on the Telegram app: “Also, Russian means provide backup of voice and telemetry communications of the American segment of the station with ground control points.”

This was followed up with a warning that countries “led by the dogs of war” should “think about the price of sanctions” against his agency.

Rogozin has also suggested he could detach the Russian section of the ISS.


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