Tehran (IP) - The marchers of the Bahman 22 emphasized maintaining national unity and refraining from any divisive and seditionist actions of internal and foreign sides in the final resolution of the Bahman 22 rallies.

Iran PressIran News: The Islamic Development Coordination Council published the resolution of the National Day of Bahman 22.

The text of the resolution of the Bahman 22 is as follows:

In the name of God

Today was adorned with the holy name of "Yomullah"(Day of God) on such a day. The Islamic Republic of Iran, with the resurrection of the nation, established the first government in the era of occultation based on the Qur'an and in the shadow of the blessings of Islam and the leadership of Imam Khomeini, which led to a unique epic. In the light of it, it blessed and saved the deprived and the oppressed, and turned the Bahman 22 into the dawn of liberation and the saving model of other nations.

Now, at the beginning of the 44th spring of independence, freedom, and the Islamic Republic, the discourse of the Islamic Revolution, by expanding the axis of resistance and confronting the arrogant system, has set up a new chapter in front of the world and changed the geometry of power and harbingers the conquer of the gate of modern Islamic civilization with the leadership of Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei.

We, the participants in the Bahman 22 ceremony, on behalf of all the people of Islamic Iran and the followers of the path and ideology of Martyr General Haj Qasem Soleimani, while renewing the allegiance with the values ​​and ideals of the Islamic Revolution and allegiance to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and the martyrs of this enlightened path announce:

1. The God-seeking nation of Islamic Iran, under the intelligent guidance and leadership of the Leader and according to its revolutionary vision, has realized that the perverted and evil-minded enemy is trying to make a calculated attack by using a combined aggression and media dictatorship to undermine the great epics of significant progress in various fields; therefore, we call on all relevant agencies, especially the national media, as well as thinkers, and of soft warfare, to expose the tricks of the enemies in a broad jihad of clarification against the Iranian people, and inform the young generation and the Muslim public and the world opinions of the outstanding achievements of the Iranian nation in the light of the Islamic Revolution.

2. Continuing the bright path of the Islamic Revolution, is learning and acting on the statement of the second step of the revolution, and with the jihad of clarification as a definite and immediate duty, all can achieve the pinnacle of recognizing the need of the moment and its lofty peaks and increasing the scientific, technological and economic and the military fields, in particular the full realization of the nuclear rights of the Iranian people and the growing strength of the defense and missile deterrence industries, are demanded by all and while condemning the positions of senior Western officials on Iran's defensive principles.

3. Appreciating the negotiating team's efforts, we want the negotiating team to follow the guidelines of the Leader of the Revolution and pay attention to the laws of the Parliament, relying on the unbreakable determination of the faithful revolutionary youth in conquering the peaks of progress and development.

4. emphasizing once again on maintaining national unity and avoiding any divisive and seditionist actions of internal and foreign currents, we announce our full support for the solidarity of the Islamic world and the Resistance Front in defense of Palestine and occupied al-Quds as the first issue of Muslims and condemn the brutal crimes of the reactionary regime of Al-Saud and its allies in Yemen and the silence of the international community and the claimant of human rights.


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