Tehran (IP) - The executive operations of 48 major industrial projects throughout the country with a $17 billion investment credit began with the president taking part.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi attended the opening ceremony of 48 major industrial projects throughout the country held on Sunday in the International Conference Hall of the IRIB. The projects will be implemented in 13 provinces and 27 cities.

Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, National Iranian Copper Industries Company, Chadormelo Mining and Industrial Company, Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, and Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Company as "Iran's Progress Promoters Group" are in charge of investment in these 48 large industrial projects. $11 billion in annual exports, production of 54 million tons of minerals, metals, and petroleum products, equivalent to $20 billion in annual revenue after the start of the operation, and the creation of 21,000 direct jobs and 64,000 indirect jobs are among the advantages and capacities of these massive projects.

Signing of documents, MoUs for the start of operations

Documents and memoranda of understanding for the start of operations of the projects were signed with the president taking part.

The signing ceremony of documents and memoranda of understanding related to the implementation of 48 major industrial projects throughout the country was held in the presence of President Raisi, and CEOs of investment companies.

Iran's economy needs big, lasting measures in production

Emphasizing the importance of cooperation and synergy of large economic companies in boosting production, increasing exports, and employment, President Ebrahim Raisi said: "The message of implementing 48 major projects throughout the country is dynamism, hope, perseverance, self-confidence and trust in domestic producers."

Speaking on Sunday at the ceremony of the start of operations of 48 major industrial projects in the country, Ebrahim Raisi said that the government's goal in the 1401 budget is for 8% economic growth, and said: "Economic growth as a necessity, requires a group and leadership that can achieve it in the country with great courage and effort."

The President said: "More important than the implementation of 48 large projects in 13 provinces and 27 cities is the convergence and synergy of the country's major economic companies, and today, it is a successful experience for all economic actors in carrying out large projects."

Neutralizing sanctions

The President stated: "One of the important ways to circumvent and neutralize the sanctions is such lasting measures, and the government intends to put more and more activities and efforts on its agenda to neutralize the sanctions."

Raisi emphasized: "Without a doubt, if large companies, banks, the private sector, and entrepreneurs become active, significant investments can be made in various sectors, and the problem of production and employment in the country can be solved."

Raisi pointed out: "The work of the Progress Drivers of Iran group has a message to Iranians abroad and other private sector investors to be encouraged to work in this field by observing profit guarantees and increasing productivity and investment security."


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