Tehran (IP) - Iran's Government Spokesman said that President Raisi's trip to Russia, like his visit to Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, is another successful step towards realizing a strong Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi traveled to Russia on Wednesday, January 19, for two days at the official invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to expand economic, political, and cultural interactions between the two countries and discuss regional and international issues

In his weekly press conference on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Ali Bahadori Jahromi said the visit of President Raisi to Russia was in line with the 13th administration's policy of balanced development of international relations with the countries of the world. 

"There was much more convergence and consensus on the supply of basic inputs and grains, as well as the purchase of locomotives and the related issues than initially seemed; and the future will confirm the maximum and strategic agreements between the two countries," Bahadori Jahromi explained about the results of the meeting.

In the visit, also good talks were held on expanding cooperation in security and defense, aerospace, trade, economy, and culture, said the spokesman.

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As the spokesman said, promising agreements on the oil field and the railway were concluded between the two countries.

Ali Bahadori Jahromi government spokesman said: "Part of the achievements of the president's visit to Russia is the agreement to use the current credit line of $5 billion and the increase of it to $10 billion, that is a significant achievement."

Also, concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) talks and negotiation with the US, the spokesman said the US asked to have discussions with Iran. Still, Iran had no direct discussion with the US, pointing out that nothing yet occurred, though the US offered to negotiate various ways with Iran.


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