Tehran (IP) - Iran's interior minister says that national security deeply depends on providing social security.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the second conference on dealing with social harms from the Islamic perspective on Sunday, Ahmad Vahidi stressed that social evolution is the key to having a developed and ideal society.

Reiterating that national power directly depends on social matters, the minister said: "It is anyone's duty to help remove social harms; otherwise, no improvements occur in any society.

He emphasized that social harms are not only national issues but international ones and called for the identification of reasons causing social harms.

Iran's Interior Minister also noted: "We need to have scientific and influential out look to solve the challenges."

The top official stated that cyberspace plays a key role in keeping people aware and alerted to social harms and their impacts on families and society.

The second national conference on dealing with social harms from an Islamic perspective was held with the presence of Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's Interior Minister, Ahmad Chaldavi, Shahed University President and other Parliamentarian figures on Jan. 16, 2022, at Interior Ministry in cooperation with Shahed University.

Also, the meeting coincided with the funeral ceremony of two unidentified martyrs of the Sacred Defence who sacrificed their lives to defend the country.

Reported by Arezoo Raufi


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