The Texas governor says the hostage situation at a synagogue in the US state is over and all hostages are safe. 

Iran PressAmerica: The hostage situation at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, is over, according to the governor of Texas.

"All hostages are out alive and safe," Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted about 20 minutes after a large bang and gunfire were heard in the direction of the synagogue.

The status of the suspect is not yet known.

The resolution came more than 10 hours after a suspect entered the Congregation Beth Israel as the synagogue was livestreaming its Sabbath morning service on Facebook. The livestream appeared to capture part of the incident before it was removed. Law enforcement officials told CNN they reviewed the stream and used it to gather clues on the incident and the individuals involved.

Two law enforcement officials told CNN that investigators believe the hostage taker may have been motivated by a desire to release Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving an 86-year sentence at a facility in Texas. She was convicted in 2010 on seven charges, including attempted murder and armed assault on US officers in Afghanistan.

A law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told CNN there were believed to be four hostages, including a rabbi, at the synagogue in Colleyville, just outside Fort Worth. Several hours into the standoff, Colleyville Police Sgt. Dara Nelson said one hostage had been released.

No injuries were reported at that time, Nelson said.

FBI negotiators were in contact with the suspect, Nelson added.


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