Bojnourd (IP) - Thanks to the efforts of students and professors of Bojnourd University, the capital of North Khorasan Province, a device for detecting and measuring the concentration of natural gas leakage in Iran has been built.

Iran PressIran news: The natural gas leakage measuring device is widely used in oil and gas industries and environmental protection, and the success in the local scale has been achieved after three years of research by Technology Development Knowledge-Based Company of Bojnourd University.

This device plays an important role in determining the cost-effective repairs of valve connections and gas dams in gas facilities and energy storage tanks, as well as preventing explosions in factories and industrial complexes.

Natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in the world today, and determining the exact rate of leakage is a key step in reducing greenhouse gases and preventing environmental degradation.

The construction of a gas leak measuring device at Bojnourd University is able to measure the rate of natural gas leakage and its concentration more accurately, and this doubles the importance of this  home- made  manufacturing device.

Amin Judet, the manager of the project to build a gas leakage measuring device at Bojnourd University, said that the price of this product is less than 300 million Tomans after commercialization, which used to enter Iran at a price of $ 40,000 and with restrictions.

Technology Development Knowledge- Based Company of Bojnourd University is a highly specialized and active group in the field of technical and engineering services in northeastern Iran.


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