Tehran (IP) - The 14th shipment of Iranian humanitarian aid was distributed among more than a thousand needy families in Kabul.

Iran PressCommentary: For more than four decades, Iran has always stood by the people of Afghanistan and supported them to cope with all difficulties.

Hosting more than three million Afghan refugees in Iran and the requirement of various assistance to the Afghan people inside the country are the services that have made Iran one of Afghanistan's best neighbors.

Even now, when the United States has imposed sanctions on Afghanistan by freezing its assets, Iran is still by the Afghans to cross the historical passage.

Mohammad Ehsani, an Afghan political expert, says that countries have not kept their promises to help the Afghan people with the onset of the cold season, and the people of Kabul and other provinces are still grappling with various difficulties.

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The Islamic Republic has always declared its readiness to meet the needs of the region and help establish peace and security due to its excellent economic and energy potential. Afghanistan's former president Ashraf Ghani, due to good relations with the United States, had had a lot of reservations to buy oil and gas from Iran. But now that the Taliban consider itself independent, it has begun its efforts to import oil and gas from Iran.

Hamid Hosseini, an Iranian expert on oil, gas, and petrochemicals, said: "Iran has resumed sending fuel to Afghanistan at the request of the Taliban, and relations can be developed once the insecurities are removed."

Currently, the activation of border markets is one of the essential capacities in Iran-Afghanistan relations. The move can prevent trafficking and young people to be recruited by the terrorist groups with creating jobs in border areas.

By Majid Vaqarei


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