Tehran (IP) – Minister of roads and urban development says Iran has a high capacity to produce rail wagons and export them to other countries.

Iran PressIran دnews: Regarding exporting railway equipment to other countries. In response to Iran Press, Rostam Ghasemi stated that Iran has a high capacity to build and ship domestic wagons to other countries.

Referring to the construction of 15,000 kilometers of railway inside the country, he noted that Iran still needs to build locomotives and rails inside but not import them.

Referring to some obstacles in establishing rail links with neighbors, Railway CEO Mi'ad Salehi said: "We are examining and removing political obstacles and other problems to establish rail links with neighbors."

"Relations with Turkmenistan have nearly doubled in the past month, and the administration's priority is to connect with other countries, so we have prioritized rail connections with our neighbors," he added.

526 Iran-made railway fleets were put into operation in Iran's minister of roads and urban development and railway CEO in Tehran. 


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526 locally produced railway fleets, put into operation