The spokesman for Iran's judiciary , Hojjjat-ol-Islam Gholam Hussein Mohseni Ejei has emphasized that the enemy wants to dash the hopes and expectations of the Iranian people through a campaign of lies, misinformation and fake news.

Iran Press/Iran :According to an Iran Press report, speaking at his weekly press conference on Sunday, the judiciary spokesman, Mohseni Ejei strongly condemned the horrific crimes committed by the Saudi military in Yemen ,particularly the bombing of a bus full of Yemeni children by Saudi fighter jets which led to the mass slaughter of innocent Yemeni children.

In further remarks, Mohseni Ejei said our enemy, the United States is still trying to increase pressure on us, to apply economic pressure, to hurt the Iranian people, but  little does it know that the Iranian people are extremely resilient , and will resist this kind of  economic pressure.

He elaborated further by saying: "The enemy has embarked on a campaign of of lies, misinformation and fake news, to dash the hopes of the Iranian people. Additionally, anti-revolutionary elements within the country are deliberately spreading lies and fake news , helping the enemy in its campaign of lies against the Islamic Republic.

Also, some opportunist individuals and unscrupulous businessmen, either knowingly or unknowingly, are aiding the enemy by pushing up prices and increasing economic pressure on the Iranian people, through 'hoarding of goods', refusing to sell goods which are stockpiled in warehouses in order  to push up prices. This has a detrimental effect on the economy.

Commenting further the judiciary spokesman said: "In order to counter these unscrupulous businessmen and opportunists, a number of special prosecutors and special inspectors have been appointed by the judiciary, to look into this matter".  


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