Sana'a (IP) – Director of Sana'a International Airport said that as the airport's blockade continues, the Yemeni people are under siege and deprived of their legal right to travel and enjoy their freedom.

Iran PressMiddle East: "While the people of the world celebrate International Civil Aviation Day and travel to different parts of the world in complete freedom, the Yemeni people are deprived of this right," Khalid al-Shaif told Iran Press in Sana'a.

He said employees of the Ministry of Transport and the airlines of Yemen gathered to protest the siege and attacks on Sana'a International Airport.

Al-Shaif stated that the protesters condemned the ongoing siege of Sana'a International Airport and called on the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Security Council to reopen the airport as soon as possible.

Yemeni aviation officials and activists had gathered at the Sana'a International Airport on Tuesday, December 7, calling on the International Civil Aviation Authority to fulfill its responsibilities towards Sana'a airport.


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