Tehran (IP) – Iran's new Government Spokesman Ali Bahadori-Jahromi says the Iranian government's diplomacy is not only active and dynamic but also result-oriented.

Iran PressIran news: In his first press conference held on Monday, Bahadori-Jahromi said that during the first three months of the Raisi administration, 20 international documents were signed with other countries, generally in the economic field. "We had more than 100 face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations during this period between the president and the ministers."

"Our diplomacy today is active and balanced, and several new export records were set during the three months," he noted.

Bahadori-Jahromi also pointed to the Afghan crisis and said that among the regional issues, the crisis in Afghanistan was not a simple issue that the government dealt with tactfully, so it hosted the foreign ministers of neighboring countries. 

Concerning the coronavirus vaccination, he said: "100 million doses of new vaccine were injected in these three months, which is 40 times more than the vaccine that was injected during the three months before the Raisi administration."


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