Iraqi army:
NATO forces in Iraq

BAGHDAD (IP) - The Iraqi joint operations headquarters has stressed that the responsibility of NATO forces in Iraq is only to train Iraqi troops.

Iran Press/Middle East: Brigadier General Tahseen Al-Khafaji, spokesman for the Iraqi joint operations headquarters, said Friday that NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces in Iraq are only cooperating with the Ministry of Defense, and their only job is to train Iraqi forces and increase their capabilities.

Al-Khafaji stressed that the training is related to various sections of military training, physical training, scientific training, and the use of multiple weapons and that NATO forces are not active in any other area.

Earlier, Abu Ali al-Askari, the security chief of the Iraqi Hezbollah battalions, stressed that the occupiers are operating in Iraq under the auspices of NATO. As a result, attacks by resistance groups against them are increasing.

Mohammad Karim, a member of the Iraqi parliament, also stressed that the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution requiring all foreign troops to leave the country and that the Americans were obliged to leave Iraq.

On January 5, 2020, the Iraqi parliament approved a plan to withdraw US troops from Iraq.


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