Deputy minister of roads and urban development announced the conclusion of a tripartite memorandum of understanding between the three countries of Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan to increase rail input load to Turkmenistan and from there to Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Miad Salehi said that in the joint meeting of the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, which was held on Friday on the sidelines of the summit of ECO member-states, the rail cooperation document was signed between the three countries.

The managing director of the railway company of the Islamic Republic of Iran pointed out that this memorandum was signed following the agreement reached a month ago between him and Azat Muradov, the head of the Turkmen Railways.

Salehi said that according to this memorandum, it is stipulated that a joint working group be formed between the three countries to follow the goals of the memorandum and the growth of cargo passing through this transit route.

The deputy minister of roads and urban development added that given the geopolitical importance of Iran, the signing of these memorandums in the field of rail transport and transit can increase the activity of the north-south corridor and use the capacity of this corridor to develop economic and political relations.