Tehran (IP)- Deputy Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening praised Yemeni resistance against the arrogant powers and described Yemeni nation as a role model for those who seek freedom in the world.

Iran PressIran news: Hossein Akbari underlined that God has promised that the oppressed would rule the World and that defending all freedom seekers is the basis of the Qur'an.

Akbari, in the second conference of the World Oppressed forum titled "Yemen, the axis of development and self-confidence of the Islamic world," which was held in Tehran, added on Tuesday: "Yemen, is a role model for all freedom-seekers."

He said: "Syria and Iraq have each become the axis of resistance with different characteristics, and Palestine has been able to change the situation in such a way that it alone can hold accoauntable the international criminals for their crimes committed against the Palestinian nation."

He noted: "Today, Palestinians stands alone against the Zionist regime and with the fall of the United States, its power will be removed from the Islamic world."

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At the ceremony, Alireza Zakani, the mayor of Tehran, also said: "What has imprisoned nations for hundreds of years has been the arrogance, which has been accompanied by plundering the wealth of nations and their freedom and independence."

Referring to the message of the Islamic Revolution, which is freedom, independence, justice, and progress, he said: "Behind the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the power of religion, the power of the people and the power of religious leadership are clearly defined."

Zakani said: "The Americans made a strategic mistake and tried to test the Yemeni nation and trampled on their facilities and identity, but the Yemeni nation is a great and deep-rooted nation and is fighting with empty hands."


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