Iran(IP)- The stability and security of the country's international waters and maritime borders is due to the powerful presence, the bravery of all naval forces in the oceans and seas, and an honor for the marine and port community of the country.

Iran PressCommentary: Major General Hossein Salami, Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps(IRGC), on Sunday visited the centers and units located at Imam Khamenei University of Marine Sciences and Technology and stated: 'The empowerment of the Armed Forces is unstoppable and everyone should know this message that no one will be allowed to interfere in the affairs of the country."

Iran's defense doctrine is based on removing the highest level of defense readiness and deterrence. Today, the Iranian Armed Forces can be present in any area where securitization is needed, using advanced equipment and weapons in the field of naval, air, and ground combat.

About 90% of Iran's trade is carried out by sea, and the sea is still threatened by trans-regional actors and sometimes by maritime terrorism; and this axis, which is the economic axis of Iran, has been under constant threat.

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One of the requirements of maritime deterrence is access to technologies used in the production, manufacture, and naval military equipment. Despite sanctions, Iran has made significant progress using indigenous expertise and knowledge, including maritime security.

The presence of Iran's Army Navy and the IRGC's Navy in the sea and coasts and guarding and defending the borders of the Islamic Republic has created peace and secure trade for Iran, especially the inhabitants of the coastal provinces.

With their powerful presence in regional and international waters, the Iranian Armed Forces have proven their ability to maintain sustainable security for trade, especially shipping, business, and oil lines. Iran's powerful confrontation with the recent US move to steal Iranian oil tanker shipments showed that the Iranian Navy is ready to deal with threats with authority.

In his remarks to this effect, Major General Hossein Salami stressed that Iran seeks to extend its defense power to the farthest reaches and noted: "Today, the IRGC Navy has a mission to extend the scope of its naval defense to the point where it can ensure a secure defense of independence and territorial integrity, and the protection of naval interests."

Ensuring security in sovereign and international waters and the safe passage of thousands of tankers and merchant ships is dependant on sustainable security safeguarded by the armed forces, which has always been the focus of the International Maritime Organization, and the same organization has repeatedly praised Iran's efforts to maintain security.

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The American news website Business Insider wrote in its latest report on the Iranian Navy's progress in modernizing its fleet that "Today, Iran sends its ships to various missions in the oceans."

The seventy-seventh strategic naval fleet of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran entered the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in its latest naval mission to demonstrate the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of navigation.

These indicators show that the Iranian Armed Forces are ready to deal with threats with authority and have proven their capabilities in various fields. The Iranian Navy has a special place in this capacity building. Maintaining and promoting this readiness is, in fact, a guarantee for sustainable peace in the country and the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

By Jamshid Aminzade


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