Islamabad (IP): Adviser for Commerce and Investment to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Acting Minister of Commerce announced that he would leave for Tehran in November this year to participate in the meeting of the Joint Trade Committee to promote the border markets and barter trade plan with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressAsia: On Wednesday, "Abdul Razak Dawood" during his meeting with members of the Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in Iran's parliament, on the third day of Iran's parliamentary delegation official visit to Islamabad, described his upcoming trip to Iran, which is scheduled for November 6, as very important.

The meeting was attended by "Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani," the head of the Iran-Pakistan parliamentary friendship group, members of the accompanying delegation, and "Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini," Iran's ambassador to Pakistan. 

While pointing the discussion on strengthening border markets and promoting the Iranian side's initiative to encourage barter trade between the two countries, Abdul Razak Dawood" said, "Islamabad pursue one goal, and that is to improve relations and move forward." 

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Referring to the Pakistani government's plan to strengthen infrastructure at the shared border to activate border markets, he added: The market construction continues. Our main goal is to improve the lives of the border residents of the two countries and facilitate the import and export of primary goods between the residents of the two neighboring border provinces of Iran and Pakistan.

A delegation of Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group members headed by Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani arrived in Islamabad on Monday, October 9, 2021.

Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, invited by Naveed Qamar, Chairman of the Pakistan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group in Pakistan, traveled to Islamabad to exchange views on strengthening parliamentary relations and enhancing cooperation between the two countries in a 3-day visit format. 

On Wednesday, October 13, The members of Iran's Parliamentary Friendship Group met with the speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan in Islamabad to discuss various issues.
The expansion of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran is of particular importance to Pakistan," said Asad Qaiser, Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, during a meeting with members of the Iranian Parliamentary Friendship Group. 


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