Tehran (IP): Iran's deputy foreign minister for political affairs underscored unlocking Iran's frozen assets in South Korea.

Iran PressIran News: Ali Bagheri Kani, referring to his conversation with South Korean Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, wrote in a tweet: "This afternoon (Wednesday), in a phone call with South Korean Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choi Jong Kun, I reminded him that the only effective action in lifting restrictions on Iran's resource in South Korea is to compensate for the damage, which can play an effective role in repairing the damaged image of South Korea in the public opinion of the Iranians."

Korean banks have refused to handle Iranian funds, due to fear of US pressures. This has effectively blocked Iran from accessing its funds kept in South Korea. Tehran and Seoul have been plunged into political tension over Iran’s frozen assets in South Korea.

The Central Bank of Iran has announced that $ 7 billion of Iranian money has been blocked in South Korea since September 2019, when Washington's sanctions waiver for South Korea's imports of Iranian oil expired.