Tehran (IP) – Iran President says Iran gained more achievements in defense and nuclear industries despite enemies' severe sanctions, noting that they cannot hinder Iran's success.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the beginning of the new academic year, Ebrahim Raisi stated that civilization starts from universities, so the country's problems should be monitored at universities.

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Universities, the center of the country's progress

The president reiterated universities' critical role in combating coronavirus and said they must keep producing vaccines and medicine.

He pointed that Iran gained more achievements in defense and nuclear industries despite enemies' severe sanctions in these two fields; hence, they cannot halt Iran's success even through imposing sanctions.

Raisi noted that universities must be the center of the country's progress through training elites and scientists since they offer the best possible solutions.

He added that although missile production is a great honor, Iran needs to develop in all fields.

Building a strong country needs science production

President Ebrahim Raisi said, "University is the central point of creating change in society and universities should be the government's think tank centers in creating change in the society."

"The upstream document of the Second Step of the Revolution pivots around scientific progress and Iran, with its very high academic potential, can have an important place in the world scientific arena," Raisi stressed.

Universities; think tank centers of the government 

Stating the country needs a science-based change, the president added, "Universities and academics must identify the needs of the country with a central issue and provide solutions to overcome the problems."

Raisi stressed that universities should help the government to solve the country's problems and, above all, be the government's think tank centers, adding, "Intellectuals are those who monitor society's issues as a watchdog, warn of harm in a timely manner and offer solutions to resolve it."

Universities' role in fighting coronavirus

Pointing out that the scientific potential of the country's academics creates the hope that we can recreate the position of Iranian civilization as the scientific authority, the president said, "Wherever we have taken the right path, we have been able to claim our true position, an example of which is the excellent role of university and academics in fighting coronavirus, which I appreciate."

"All parts of society should pay attention to the opinions and words of academics and experts, and the chairs of open-mindedness and theorising in universities should flourish more than before," the president highlighted.

Strong Iran requires the production of science in universities

The president continued his speech by stating that the plans of his government to build a strong Iran require a strong movement in the production of science, adding, "Power is not only in building missiles, although progress in this area is also a source of pride, but should be in other areas. We need to advance in science and technology so that the country becomes strong in various aspects".

Raisi described the strong movement for the production of science as the need of the government today, especially in creating the transformation of basic science in the country, said, "In this regard, the role of university is a pivotal role that is not possible only with the efforts of the Minister of Science. All universities in the country, especially universities in Tehran that have a central role in this field, should cooperate with the government in the field of solving problems and providing solutions".


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