Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister says that the country will return to the Vienna talks when the West shows goodwill and fulfills its obligations regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran PressCommentary: In a press conference at the end of his visit to Beirut on Friday, the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated: "It is important that the interests and rights of the Iranian people be fully guaranteed in the nuclear talks."



Noting that Iran would return to the Vienna talks, he underlined: "We will not waste our time in negotiations. It is important for us to receive signals from the other side, including the United States, that the Americans have a strong intention to return fully to their commitments."

The JCPOA deal was scrapped by Donald Trump in 2018, but US officials said they were ready to return to the deal after Joe Biden entered the White House. This desire, however, was only in words, and in practice, nothing significant has happened.

This is what the Iranian Foreign Minister is referring to. Amir-Abdollahian said: "We judge the behavior of the Americans, and if their behavior is based on a full return to their commitments and that of the three European countries, we can be optimistic about the Vienna talks."

Iran's return to the negotiating table is based on the logic and experience of the past. The truth about the JCPOA is that Iran has fulfilled its obligations, but the three European countries and the United States have not fulfilled theirs.

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In an agreement, the two sides must live up to their commitments. In the current situation, however, the Western parties are waging a psychological war, saying that if Iran does not return to the negotiating table, the opportunity will be lost, while the United States has to make its final decision.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, has already stated in this regard: "Iran will return to its obligations when the United States lifts all sanctions in practice, not verbally or on paper, and the lifting of the sanctions is verified by Iran."

Trump has imposed more than 800 unilateral and illegal sanctions on Iran, and the same policy that was in place during the Trump era continues. Iran is therefore looking for a way to ensure that sanctions are effectively lifted. The practical lifting of sanctions by the United States, and not just on paper, will lead to Iran's return to fulfilling the obligations that it has reduced according to the nuclear deal.

During his recent visit to Russia, the Iranian foreign minister pointed out that if the negotiations are to go through the path of the past eight years and the negotiations be for the sake of negotiations, the Islamic Republic of Iran will definitely make an appropriate decision in due time.

The remarks of the Iranian foreign minister about the resumption of the Vienna talks have two important aspects; First, in the current situation, there are many doubts about the US determination to return to the JCPOA. The second important aspect of this issue is explaining Iran's goals in the negotiations to revive the deal. Iran's diplomatic apparatus believes that a clear and purposeful start to negotiations is better than a vague, immature, and fruitless start.

These exact positions show that Tehran's strategy towards the JCPOA is entirely transparent and Iran's return to the deal depends on the will and good intentions of the other parties.


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