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Tehran (IP) - Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki, the leader of Nigeria's Shias, said in a conference titled "Mujahideen in abroad" that resistance worldwide, especially in Islamic countries, showed that the ideological against beliefs of Muslims had failed.

Iran PressAfrica: Zakzaki, in his speech, by video conference, added: Today, the jihad of Imam Reza (AS) is manifested and helps Muslims in the war of thought, belief, and even weapons.

The Nigerian cleric also said: They (the enemies of Islam) have occupied many Muslim lands, and today they are withdrawing and in a defensive position.

"We must celebrate the resistance of the Muslims," ​​Zakzaki said.

The 6th International Summit to Commemorate "Mujahideen in Abroad" began in Tehran, focusing on "The Impact of Resistance on the Decline of the United States and its Expulsion from the Region."

Representatives of 28 countries, military and national officials, and the families of Resistance martyrs are attending the Sixth International Conference on the Commemoration of the "Mujahideen in Abroad," which began in Tehran on Wednesday.

The Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, Iran's Minister of the Interior, some other state and military officials, and 100 foreign guests, including the ambassadors of Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, and Cuba, are attending the summit.

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