The third ship carrying fuel from Iran for Lebanon arrived at Baniyas, Syria, news sources announced.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the announcement of Tanker Trackers, the Fortune tanker carrying diesel crossed the Suez Channel on Friday.

Two weeks ago, the second shipment of fuel was unloaded in the port of Baniyas.

In early September, the Iranian ships unloaded their fuel cargo at Syria’s Baniyas port, from where it was transferred to Lebanon via tankers.

Lebanon has been struggling with a deep financial crisis since late 2019 that has caused the Lebanese pound to lose around 90 percent of its value to the dollar.

Severe fuel shortages and wide-scale power cuts have paralyzed the Mediterranean country.

The US has exacerbated the crisis by imposing a siege on Lebanon in a bid to force the formation of a Western-friendly administration there.


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