Turkish fighter jets have again bombed parts of northern Iraq under the pretext of fighting the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Iran PressMiddle East: Two civilians, including a woman, were wounded during a Turkish airstrike in the Jamjamal area of northern Iraq's Sulaimaniyah province.

In recent years, Turkey has repeatedly invaded Iraq under the pretext of suppressing elements of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

These aggressions have met with a strong reaction from the Iraqi government and other countries in the world.

The Iraqi president's office recently condemned Turkey's aggression in northern Iraq, stating that the Turkish army's repeated attacks on Iraqi territory are a serious violation of Baghdad's sovereignty and a clear violation of international law and norms that violate neighborly relations.

Turkish attacks on the mountainous areas of northern Iraq have resumed since the July 2015 violation of the ceasefire agreement between Ankara and the PKK.

The PKK has been identified as a terrorist group by the Turkish government. 219