Navy Commander:
Iranian Navy Commander Admiral Shahram Irani

Tehran (IP) - The Commander of the Navy of the Iranian Army, stating that the Navy has stood firm against the enemies in the depths of the sea, said that Iran will respond to any threat and naval action of the enemies strongly and overwhelmingly.

Iran PressIran news: Admiral 'Shahram Irani' said on Saturday that the strategic navy of the army in the form of armed forces maintains security at the water borders.

"The navy is present at the sea round-the-clock to restore sustainable security," noted the commander.

The Commander of the Navy of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran pointed out that the personnel of Iranian ships consisted of different Iranian ethnic groups.

"It does not matter where these people are from because our round-the-clock efforts and strategy and the armed forces are all together. We should preserve the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the best possible way and with high authority."

The top military official underlined that the friends and the enemies had reached the conclusion that the armed forces of Iran had unitedly stood against the enemies, and said: "We will respond to any threat and action firmly, and decisively."

Admiral Irani highlighted that the soldiers of the Navy of the Islamic Republic Army had stood firm in the depths of the sea, and expressed hope that they would always hoist the proud flag of Iran in the international arena.

The official said: "Although the Islamic Republic of Iran has always faced sanctions, conspiracy, and threats, with the powerful presence of the navy personnel at sea and the production of the best and most up-to-date equipment by the country's youth, we have controlled the enemies' mischief."

Admiral Irani, elsewhere in his remarks stated that the people of the Kurdistan province always played an important role in protecting the country's borders, noting: "Border guards always protect the border with a revolutionary spirit, properly and with authority."


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