Palestine's resistance foils Tel Aviv's attempt to gather info about Zionist captives

(IP) – Palestinian groups based in the Gaza Strip inflicted a new security blow on the Tel Aviv spy apparatus after the Israeli army's efforts to intensify the security war against the resistance front.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Al Akhbar on Thursday, a member of Hamas' Political Bureau, Zaher Jabarin, stated that the Israeli regime was trying to deploy spy devices in the Gaza Strip to gather information about Israeli prisoners, which were thwarted by the Palestinian resistance forces.

Resistance security forces have recently inflicted several blows at the Israeli intelligence service. They have detected their audio and video spy devices, which monitored a number of locations inside the Gaza Strip.

Strict Palestinian Resistance security measures across the Gaza Strip and crossing points with the occupiers have forced Israeli authorities to use drones to send small devices to the Gaza Strip so that their spies can deploy them in the Resistance headquarters.

Over the years, the Palestinian Resistance has detected and thwarted a number of spy devices that Tel Aviv intended to deploy to the Resistance groups' communications systems.


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