Shiraz (IP) - The Director-General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Fars Province, announced in a meeting with Sheikh Mohammad Al-Balushi, Member of the Oman State Council, that Fars was one of the destinations for Oman health tourism.

Iran PressIran news: In the meeting, Provincial Tourism Chief Hadi Shahdoost Shirazi added: "Fars province and Shiraz city, by leading in transplant, eye, skin, hair, and beauty operations, is one of the main travel destinations of citizens of neighboring Persian Gulf countries."

Sheikh Mohammad Al-Balushi also said: "Iranian companies that are active in tourism can easily invest in Oman."

He said: "The people of Oman have a special eye and trust in Fars province and the city of Shiraz, so they preferably make their medical trips to the province."

The Omani MP called for an increase in Shiraz-Muscat flights and vice versa and said: "By establishing a company in Shiraz, investment opportunities will be created in various industries, especially tourism in Fars province."


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