Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Zahra Ershadi in a letter to UN Security Council warned against the threats of the Israeli regime against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program

Iran PressAmerica: The Iranian diplomat in her letter said that the Israeli regime’s Prime Minister in his latest interview has confessed, though implicitly, to Israel’s covert attacks on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and brazenly stated that the regime will continue such attacks.

The deliberate targeting, by the Israeli regime, of a highly sensitive safeguarded nuclear facility with the high risk of potential release of radioactive material constitutes reckless criminal acts of nuclear terrorism, and serves as another clear example of its continued violation of international law.

Bearing in mind that the growing and continuing threat of nuclear terrorism posed by the Israeli regime threatens international peace and security, it is incumbent upon the international community to condemn such criminal terrorist acts in the strongest possible terms.

Moreover, the aforementioned explicit threats against a Member State of the United Nations constitute gross violations of international law, the United Nations Charter, particularly its Article 2 and therefore must not be tolerated by the international community and the Security Council.

Only in less than two years, the Israeli regime has conducted countless unlawful overt and covert adventurist measures, including terrorist acts against Iran’s nuclear scientists and centers, attacks against commercial vessels in the region as well as drone attacks and airstrikes against certain regional countries, in material breach of cardinal principles of international law.

The Iranian diplomat to the United Nations concluded by warning against any possible miscalculation or adventurism by the Israeli regime, As stated in Tehran's previous letters to the Security Council, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves it's inherent right under international law to take all necessary measures to protect and defend its citizens, interests, facilities and sovereignty against any terrorist act.