Tehran (IP) - A member of the presiding board of the Parliament noting that the "Cabinet of Raisi is younger than the previous administration," said: "In the selection of the cabinet, Consultation had been done with specialized working groups in Parliament, which is an innovative and interesting thing.

Iran PressIran News: Alireza Salimi, on Saturday in Parliament open session to the process of qualification of proposed ministers in agreement with the general points of the administration's program, said: "The opponents raised some issues that I have to answer."

The representative of the people of Mahallat and Delijan in the parliament added: " The approach to the selection of the cabinet is not like before that management were at the hands of a certain group in the country. This closed-loop looks like it was broken.

Salimi said: In using the youth, there was fear in the country. Fortunately, President Raisi's cabinet is younger than the previous administration. A special function is used in selecting the cabinet, and that is to consult with specialized working groups, which is an innovative and interesting thing.

Iran Parliament kicked off an open session on Saturday morning to review the list of cabinet ministers of the 13th administration.

The parliamentarians will review the list of the cabinet members in the open sessions of the Parliament.


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